Display elements associated to a Req

Hello everyone,
I try to list all the elements that are bounded to a requirement with an Incoming relation (I use the requirement VP) with M2Do.
So, starting from the requirement REQ, my command is :
{m:for relation | REQ.ownedRelations->filter(CapellaRequirements::CapellaIncomingRelation)}
I then wanted to display the name of the targeted elements with the simple command {relation.target.name}, but as the type of the ‘target’ element is Abstract Element, it does not have a ‘name’ attribute.
I then tried to ‘force’ the typing with a filter :
{relation.taget->filter( relation.target.eClass()).name} , but the validation file display the following error :
Expression “relation.target- >filter(relation.target.eClass()).name” is invalid: missing expression
What those this error means ? How do you think will be the good way to get the name of the elements targeted by the Incoming relation ?

There is a space between the “-” and the “>” in the error message check that your expression is “->” and not “- >”.
But the service you want to use is relation.target.oclAsType(pkg::Class) where pkg::Class is the type you are expecting that hold the name feature. It’s a kind of cast it only help the AQL validation. At runtime it does nothing and your expression will fail to evaluate if the relation.target object doesn’t have a feature name.

Hello Yvan, thank you for your help.
The problem is that I do not know in advance what will be the type of the element (As a Requirement can be linked to almost every element of the model).
That is why I tried the ‘target.eClass()’ trick. It works fine when, for instance, I filter with ‘ctx::SystemFunction’

You should probably look for a common super type that hold the feature name. Or maybe ask for the
label of that EObject.
This service was introduced recently, M2Doc 3.0.0 or above.

Hello Julien,
I am using Capella and M2Doc also to document traceability between architecture and requirements. I am happy about your question, as the command/query you use made my day. But in general:
Where can I find a basic instruction about query/aql commands? Or a view of the datamodel of M2Doc in order to build up the right aql querries?

E.g. I couldn’t find a working query between architecture and requirements (RE VP) until I found your command ‘ownedRelations’ - I can not find the notation ‘Owned relation’ used inside capella,

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