Difference between deploying Node PC and declaring parent

In the physical architecture, it seems I in Capella 1.4.1 is able to both deploy a PC on another PC, and declare one PC as component of another PC.

Is there a difference?

Hi Asmund,
Have you looked at this pat of the Capella 1.4 webinar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhRpOjfyPbk&t=875s
Not sure it answers completely your question though…

Thank you for the pointer, that explains it well and answers my question. You deploy behaviours on physical nodes, but physical nodes are part of each-other.

I am not fully onboard on the need for the strong distinction between node that have behaviour, and nodes that do not. An adjustable wall in a flotation unit, or fixed overflow channel in a dam vs control valve. A chute vs transportation screw? I guess it ends up being modelers choice, but I am not that experienced yet…

You may have a look to this similar post: https://forum.mbse-capella.org/t/1105080/