Diagram Styler and migration from v5 to Capella v6

What is the best practice when migrating a project,
I guess it’s to:

  • Dereference every viewpoint using the viewpoint manager
  • Make a copy of the project in the new workspace
  • Open the workspace and the project in C v6 and right click on aird and select migration…

A problem occured with the diagram styler, “IOException unable to resolve plug in…”:
→ We went back to the aird file and richt clicked on it (PVMT and Diagram Styler selection issue) and found the list of viewpoint that did not appear in the kitalpha viewpoint manager, styler was there, we unchecked it
→ Saved
and Tried to migrate a copy of the new saved project

Same error.
What could we have missed?

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We have the same problem. Any resolution that you found @KaBe ?

@KaBe just worked it out - I’m sure you have too. I’d forgotten about full detachment by uninstalling the add ons…

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Hello pthornton,
We stil had the problem until until we went to the aird file and deleted a line of xml code that mentioned the styler!
What do you mean “uninstalling”? So you mean, right clicking the aird → viewpoint → uncheck styler, is not enough? You need to uninstall further somewhere else?

Hi @KaBe,
If you have a look at:

The step “uninstall the viewpoints from the capella installation” is the missing step. How we manage this is by having a ‘clean’ capella install on a server that people use to finish viewpoint detachment.

This process worked for me with the problems I was facing with diagramStyler.

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