Diagram graphics problem

I’m using Capella in a course I’m teaching on logistics system design. A student showed me a Capella diagram where the graphics were badly mangled. I’ve seen this in her active Capella session on a Windows laptop, Capella 6.1. In the image below, the boundaries of some of the operational activity boundaries appear in the diagram, but they cannot be clicked on, moved or deleted. She said it happened after zooming on the diagram. In addition, the corresponding activities are greyed-out. Any suggestions on what caused this, how to clean up the diagram, or how to prevent it?


Yes, you can look at this thread: Logical Architecture Diagram Component Rendering Issue - #4 by dmccammon
Basically: close Capella - change your screen resolution to 1080p - start capella - change your screen resolution to the one you want/default one

Thanks! Will let you know if it solves the problem.