Descrition of elements lost

Some times after having entered the description of some capella element, e.g. an Exchange Item or a State Fragment, the description is not there anymore when I reopen it. More often there is only the first letter of the description showing. Is this a known issue?

this bug has been identified and it is fixed in both Capella 1.2.2 and next 1.3.1.
Use Case:

  • Double click on an element
  • Select tab description
  • Type some texts here
  • Click directly the “Finish” button
  • Only the first character is kept.
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What is the release date of the 1.3.1 version?

The official version will be available at end of June, and freezed before mid June.
For tests, a stable version (release candidate) is available at .3.1-S20190515-151169/?d
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The easiest work around for this is to remember to hit save before you click finish, the descriptions are then always retained (For me anyway)

My experience is following : regardless if I click the text saving button, since recent version of bench, I manage to input a text there. But after a reopen count, when opening again the model, the text is replaced by symbol suit or space separated characters about 10 ones.
Or may be it is when duplicating for version…
Is there anything to do or not to do to avoid this and keep descriptions (I guess the review field has the same issue).
Thanks for any idea and information
Thierry Poupon

Hi, when I first open Capella I can see the enriched text control in the description tab for element properties.
The very first time I close the properties window I get the following error:

(Capella:149315): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 10:57:51.609: gtk_box_gadget_distribute: assertion ‘size >= 0’ failed in GtkScrollbar
SWT WebkitGDBus: Exception occured in Webkit2 callback logic.

After that the rich-text control in the description dissapears.

I’m running Capella 5.2 on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Did someone face the same behaviour? Any thoughts?
Many thanks!

Yes I have, usually when the text controls appear, the plain text is crippled, the next step is more or less disappear.
I never manage to put a link or a picture that goes in the html model… I did not start to use M2doc, but thinking about…
Thanks for any progress…
Edit: I forgot: I’m running Windows10, Capella 5.2, without admin rights.

Hi all,
I wanted to push again may question about object description stability in the model.
Reminder: In uncertain circumstances, description text is replaced by a sequence of symbols (rich text controls?)
Replaced means that the orginal text is lost. Description is a chance to describe what will be the exact execution in a scenario (name is short), even give some calculation equations, describe how function instances and functions deal with execution variants…

any info about following item will be useful:
-Any ticket on this? Any progress if yes?
-Any specific content or model operation identifed to cause this issue?
-Any suggestion to avoid or recover orginal text?

Thanks by advance
Thierry Poupon