Descrition of elements lost

Some times after having entered the description of some capella element, e.g. an Exchange Item or a State Fragment, the description is not there anymore when I reopen it. More often there is only the first letter of the description showing. Is this a known issue?

this bug has been identified and it is fixed in both Capella 1.2.2 and next 1.3.1.
Use Case:

  • Double click on an element
  • Select tab description
  • Type some texts here
  • Click directly the “Finish” button
  • Only the first character is kept.
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What is the release date of the 1.3.1 version?

The official version will be available at end of June, and freezed before mid June.
For tests, a stable version (release candidate) is available at .3.1-S20190515-151169/?d
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The easiest work around for this is to remember to hit save before you click finish, the descriptions are then always retained (For me anyway)

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