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Did someone tried to put information in big text field “description” which is now rich text format?
I’m using ver1.3.0 on windows 10 pro, Java was updated in january
I just put some description information in the big text field, and the result is only the first letter of my text is kept, the object was an operational capability (OC), but I think I could try any.
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When you edit in rich text, do not forget to click on the “floppy disk” icon (cf. image) to save the content, before clicking on the “Finish” button.
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Capella rich text description is based on Nebula and, sometimes, some Nebula plugins may not work if the installation path of Capella is too long.
User feedback about his installation has been enhanced with the next Capella 1.2.2 and 1.3.1 (version coming in mid year).
Capella is based on Eclipse: folder hierarchy and namespace of Capella and Eclipse plugins are quite long. Because of Windows folder path restriction, avoid entering a long installation location.
In case the path is too long, some files can not be opened by Capella and this will cause errors. Since the extraction will raise an error you should delete the partially extracted files and re-extract it.
For Rich text plugins, the limit is 115 characters in the path of the Capella directory to the eclipse folder: <CAPELLA_INSTALLATION_DIR>/eclipse (The “space” character is counted like three characters (%20)).
However, your bug is related to description in Capella dialog windows, identified by
ticket 2300, and fixed in Capella 1.2.2 and next 1.3.1.
Otherwise you can use Properties view in Capella 1.3.0, or save your description using the “floppy disk” icon as a workaround.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your answer
My version is 1.3.0, and the installation root place is “C:”: I can’t make shorter… but I kept the tree level “Capella”, Workplace was kept in default position in eclipse.
I had a look on the link: it says 2300 is not a bug number… (probably because it’s fixed in next version)
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Thanks for the solution!
Once you clicked the button, nothing changes in the interface, but it works