Describing Behaviour of Functions by Means of Boolean Logic/Truth Tables and Truth Tables

Hi all, how can I describe the input/output ratio of function (regarding the Input and Output Data with one of combinational i.e. memoryless boolean logic in Capella. One possibility would be truth tables. Which elements in Capella (Constraint Element, Requirement Element, a.s.o.) can I use to describe the behaviour and assign it to the individual function? What ideas do you have and how could this look like (screenshots). Is it possible to create some Kind of Truth Tables inside a Constraint (or other Element) and how does it look like Best regards HUP_71

This is essentially a non-functional requirement on how a function performs. As such this could be described by constraints or property values. There are various ways to put a rich text field into these elements.

Note… im working off Capella 4.2. I think in later versions you can put rich text fields in more places. Which means its probably easier than the above.

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Hi Josh, thanks for the Answer. Can i use the Requirement Element too? And is it possible to to add there a Truth Table to describe the behaviour instead of boolean language String. What are the Pros and Cons in regard to a Constraint Element