Dependency in property values


I’m just starting to work with the PVMT add on and I was wondering if there was a way to automatically assign a property value to a capella element if this one has another value. The expected behaviour is as follows :
I want to give some of my logical function a property value PV1 from an enum. I also want to give the same function a value PV2 depending on the value of PV1, automatically. Typically, if a function has PV1=“some value in the enum”, it should be assigned the value PV2= HIGH or something like that.

Is that even possible in PVMT or does it need customisation of Capella?
Thank you

Not possible with PVMT - I guess the easiest way to do this is with a python script using Python4Capella.

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Thank you Stephane, I’ll look into it.
I might do this with excel and then import the appropriate PVs in the model with scripting as the information to associate with model elements is contained in a excel sheet.