Darc Cybersecurity Configuration

For the DARC addon, I would like to customize the Threat.kind as described in DARC Viewpoint usermanual

  1. I’ve created a folder “Cybersecurity Configuration” under the Operational Analysis but also tried in under System Analysis. Somehow in the example it seems to ‘sit’ somewhere else.
  2. I added the properties for Threat.Kind (event tried Thread.Kind as in the usermanual).
  3. Restarted Capella to start using the property.

However I cannot get it working as described in the usermanual.
Does anybody have a tip?

  • Where does the folder “Cybersecurity Configuration” need to be?
  • In the example it seems to be in the project scope instead of in one of the layers.

I am using capella 6.1

Maybe the “Crowd Surveillance System in DARC” project can have one property defined as an example.

Open the Project Properties and activate → Capella → Project Explorer → Project
Then you will see Properties.


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