Custom style for capella diagram elements

I have created a viewpoint that provides a borderNode that can be added to capella logical functions.
I found how to restrict the side on which the new element must stick on the function by editing the .odesign file using this xml tag:
The new added element has a shape of “dot” however a square still incapsulates the element.
Is there a way to get rid of this square?
Is there a way to make the element unresizable?
Is there away to put the element by the default in an absolute position on the parent node and prevent it from moving?


Problem solved,
I opened the
.odesign file using the sirius editor. After that, I accessed to the element that I wanted to customize and just went down in the properties and changed the values. In the properties, there is a tab called
border that contains a field called
border size computation expression. By default, it is set to
1, all I did is to put
0 instead and open the .odesign file using a text editor to see the changes on the element tag.


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