Custom Fields for Requirements

I am trying to find a good way to maange my requirements, and while the native Capella requirements are good in order to create basic requirements, I was wondering if there was anyway to add custom fields to each of the requirements, that could be applied across all of the requirements.

Hi Justin,
What do you mean by custom fields?

You can create new requirements attributes:
1 - Create a Capella types folder, mouse right-click over the architecture layer - (e.g., system analysis) - > new element - > Capella type.
2 - Create attributes, mouse right-click on the Capella Types Folder and add new Capella Elements, for example, “Data Type Definition”.
3 - Create a new “Requirement Type”
3.1 - Create a new attribute “Attribute Definition” and associate the Data Type to the type yo have defined in 2.
4 - If you have created requirements you may want to skip this step: Create a “New Requirement Module”.
5 - Create new requirements OR associate each requirement “Type” - requirements VP properties - to the requirement type you have defined in 3.

I hope that helps,
Hélder Castro

Hi Justin,
What do you call “Native Capella Requirements”?
Capella comes with a legacy data model for requirements. If you’re using requirements with Capella, you should make sure you’re using the Capella Requirements Viewpoint (Capella MBSE Tool - Add-Ons)

Hi Stephane,

Sorry if my terminology does not make sense- I am an intern and still learning the basics of system engineering.

Right now, when I create a requirements package, and then add a requirement type, such as a System Functional Requirement, I can edit the following fields: ‘Name,’ ‘Summary,’ ‘requirement ID,’ ‘Additional Information,’ ‘Verification Method,’ ‘Verification Phase,’ ‘Implementation Version,’ and’ ‘Feature.’

I am trying to discover if there is a way to add more fields or attributes to include with these requirements that I can apply over all the different requirements in a model.

Thank you for the help,

Yes, so it looks like you are using the legacy Requirement data model. This data model is here for backward compatibility, but you should avoid using it. I think you should download and install the Requirement Viewpoint. From here, you can create your own attributes. Let me know if you have any issues.