Creation of functional chain

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I have an issue for creating a functional chain on a SAB diagram :
There is a specific functional exchange that is impossible to add to a functional chain. Each time I want to add it to my selection, when I do a right click to create the functional chain, the button to create it is not present. And when I exclude it to my selection the button “Functional chain” is back …

Is there any reasons why this specific functional exchange cannot be included in my functional chain ?

Problem is hard to explain clearly … sorry for that!

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Take a look here: capella/5.5. Creation of Functional Chains and Physical Paths.mediawiki at master · eclipse/capella · GitHub

If when creating the FC you select a Functional Exchange that creates a “loop”, Capella won’t know how to involve the Funnctions and FE. The suggestion is to create the FC and then edit it using the dedicated diagram.

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Will look. thank you Juan for the quick answer !

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