Creation of functional chain

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I have an issue for creating a functional chain on a SAB diagram :
There is a specific functional exchange that is impossible to add to a functional chain. Each time I want to add it to my selection, when I do a right click to create the functional chain, the button to create it is not present. And when I exclude it to my selection the button “Functional chain” is back …

Is there any reasons why this specific functional exchange cannot be included in my functional chain ?

Problem is hard to explain clearly … sorry for that!

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Take a look here: capella/5.5. Creation of Functional Chains and Physical Paths.mediawiki at master · eclipse/capella · GitHub

If when creating the FC you select a Functional Exchange that creates a “loop”, Capella won’t know how to involve the Funnctions and FE. The suggestion is to create the FC and then edit it using the dedicated diagram.

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Will look. thank you Juan for the quick answer !

Hey Vincent, I am encountering the same problem, please, any solution ??

Hi Charaf,

I solve my problem by avoiding having a loop in my functional chain. You may find more information in the link sent by Juan.

Hope it helps.

Hello Vincent and Charaf,
as said by Juan you can definitelly have loops in FC (or use the same Functional exchange more than one) by creating a dedicated diagram:

  1. Create the functional chain (selecting the exchanges and functions that are not looping)
  2. Right Click on the FC and create a new diagram “Functional Chain Description”
  3. in this diagram you can add the missing Functions and/or functional chains

hope that it helps.