Creation of extra part in CSA

When I am adding Actor in CSA diagram, Capella automatically adds another actor on the line connecting the system and the new actor.
This creates useless actors and makes difficult proceeding in the system analysis
Has anyone else encountered this problem? I am using version 5.

This is because, when you created your Capella project, you selected the option “Allow reuse of components through parts”.

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Hi,I didn’t see this option when creating the project, I am using version 5.

This is in the first window when you select New->Capella Project.

Interesting, in my case it’s inactive:


Do we have any updates to this issue on how we can activate this ‘allow reuse of components as parts’? Since I am also looking to actually use this functionality and capella does not seem to allow me to select this option.

You first have to activate this behavior in the preferences.

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