Creation of Diagrams Issues

Has anyone been able to create new Diagrams and set their type. I cannot figure out how to do it, especially since it can’t be done the same way as adding for example a Physical Component since all functions in the capella api that return Diagrams returns them as a list rather than a Java List.

The Python API doesn’t support the creation of diagrams. If you want, you can open an issue here. This will allow us to keep track of this feature in future developments.

Hi Yvan,

If I wanted to write the code to create an interface in Python4Capella to create a blank diagram, what where would I start and would I need to modify to do it? I’ll be on a steep learning curve to do it, but I have utility for such an interface in Python4Capella.

A good entry point would be the DialectServices class. You will probably need to add some Java code in the SiriusModule and then wrap it in the corresponding Python API.

Thanks Yvan, I’ll start there.

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