Creating Requirements from scratch on Capella

Hi everyone,

I wanted to create requirements from scratch on Capella, and i’ve followed this manual , and I can’t find the “Capella Types Folder” on the "Add Capella Element " even after I unmatched “Requirement VP Types”.

I’m using Capella 5.0 and Requirement VP [v0.12.0].

Hi Amine,

Did you make sure that the VP is installed and activited/linked to the model?
Can you create a Capella Module and a Requirement?


Hi Stephane,

I’ve downloaded the VP zip file, extracted it on the dropins file and then i’ve executed capella. I don’t know if i’m missing a step.

You’ll find the missing steps in the help:
Help > Help content > Requirements Viewpoint Guide > User’s Guide > Viewpoint Manager


Thank you it’s working now, I should have opened the viewpoint manager and activate the reference, that was the only way to display the “Capella Types Folder” on the "Add Capella Element ".

Yes, as a more general comment, The Requirement Viewpoint is a “ViewPoint”, in Capella this means that you need to “activate it” on your model.

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