Creating a new element in "Project Explorer" without Capella metamodel changes


In my efforts to implement a state machine simulator, I’ve created a plugin using Capella Studio and used extension points to add a menu, command and handler. From that, the handler can initialize my custom classes and fetch everything I need from the model to simulate it:

By using transactions, I can also color the diagrams while the simulator does its job behind the curtains:

This was all done programmatically using Java, though. I did not create viewpoints neither changed the Capella Metamodel.
The problem is that I wanted to create a “Capella Element” or atleast an element visible in Project Explorer called “Simulator”, present in each Arcadia level, and then add my handlers there when right-clicking/double clicking. Ideally this new element could be placed inside diagrams (so diagrams without this element wouldn’t be simulated). Is there any way to do this programmatically? Editing the capella metamodel is out of the question, as I want my plugin to be fully contained as a drop-in.


The correct way to do this seems to be: create a new EMF project from scratch, use the diagram to recreate the class structure (operations and attributes) for the .ecore file, generate the source code and then paste back the implementation. Then this new .ecore becomes an “import”-able model inside Kitalpha data .vptext. Or do it all directly using the Viewpoint DSL and avoid having to use “superClass external”.

Still a bit confusing for me, but I’ll give this method a shot and keep monitoring this thread in case anyone has a smarter method (I’d greatly appreciate it).