Create reference scenario from existing scenario

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to create a reference scenario from a subset of exchanges in an existing scenario; be it a Functional, Exchange or Interface Scenario?

I have a situation where I’ve created a number of Exchange Scenarios and discovered common “sub-sequences” between them and so I would like to create a stand alone Exchange Scenario for that sub-sequence and then reference it from each of the primary Exchange Scenarios.

Is there a model accelerator type capability that can do this or do I need to create the sub-sequence manually?

Thanks in advance.

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One option I would suggest:

In the scenario diagram, one of the options in the palette is the “Reference”. This allows you to reference the sequence of another scenario. So your repeating sub-sequences you can model on one scenario… then use many times by referencing them. It just shows up as a reference, rather than the actual exchanges but does communicate what you need.

So you dont need to create the diagram again for the sub-exchanges. You can copy and paste the scenario diagram in the project explorer, then delete the non-referenced elements.


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Hi Josh,

Thanks for your response. I was hoping for a “select sub-sequence exchanges” then “right click → create exchange scenario from selection” sort of option, but copying the diagram and removing the excess bits is probably next best ahead of creating the exchange scenario to be referenced from scratch.