Create Rationales for actors (human and system) of the system all interfaces between the system and each actor of all system functions

Rationales provide information why model elements exist. The rationale can be extracted from the model itself. There is no need to provide (mostly) textual information allocated to the model information.

The rationale differs from the description of a model element. The description indicates what the model element does and the rational indicates why it exists. In Capella there is (often) no “rationale” attribute for the model elements.
How to realize that ?

Indeed natively the Rational concept does not exist in Capella. But I imagine several solutions:

  • Use an existing field not used (as summary for example). Not very clean but nothing to do

  • Use PVMT addon and extend the Capella concepts (Actors in your case) adding the rational property

  • Use the constraint concept as rational and linked them to Capella elements. The advantage of this way is you can have one rational for several elements (I think it can make sense in some cases) and you can display the rational in diagrams. Maybe you can extend the constraints with a PVMT enumerate (never tried) in order to display them in diagrams automatically with a different color .
    Hope this helped you

why not use The Requirements-Plugin for Ration to justify System Functions and System Actors?
What is the advantage of using PVMT-Plugin

I do use requirements add-on for review purposes. We can raise a comment/issue and then provide comments against the issue.
I also define requirements attributes such as status, created and updated date. I can then link to each model element.

To list all the issues (aka requirements model element) I use the “Mass View” / “Mass Edit”.

I don’t se why not use requirements model element to capture rationale.

However, I’m still investigating what is the optimal use case to capture rationale against requirements. I have created a string attribute and capture the rationale for each requirement, but we need to export to a .csv file or M2Doc for readability.

I hope that helps.