Create Operational Process - Toy Catapult Tutorial

I am just working through the Toy Catapult tutorial example. I think it must be a slightly different version of the tool (I am using 6.1). In ‘Operational Analysis’ section 5, “Operational Process” Step 25 there is a “Create Operational Process” on the context menu. I am not seeing that item.

Is this still available? Moved? Maybe there is something else I have done wrong which is causing this not to show.

Thank you for any help

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Hi @Donox, make sure you have selected all three items required to create the operational process? You need at least two operational activities and the functional exchange between them. The contextual menu item will only be displayed when you the selected the minimal set of elements to create the operational process.

Thank you woodske.

I believe that I am selecting the three elements (see image).

I am under the impression that in Capella 6.1, you should select only the exchanges and right-click, not the nodes.

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That’s the one!
Thank you Stephane. I thought I had tried all combinations … but clearly not the correct one!

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The tutorial has been corrected at this point.