Create M2Doc templates from scratch

I use Capella 1.3 in association with M2Doc 2.0.2.
For the moment, when generating documentation from my model, I use the ‘LA Template’ provided in the In-Flight entertainment system’ project example. Of course, I have edited it in order to meet my needs.
How can I create a new template ? Using a simple Microsoft Word document I have created doesn’t work, because I can’t ‘Initialize the document configurations’ ( mismatch of the versions of M2Doc in my template ( null ) and the version I’m using ).

You need to create your document with word. Use a variable (or more) in the template for instance:
{ }
Save the document and close it. And inside Eclipse use the
template properties wizard to add Capella’s metamodels and other services.
To add Capella’s metamodels you need to use the “nsuri (expert)” tab on the second page of the wizard. In the add dialog you can enter “capella” in the filter field then select every nsuris and add them.
To add services you can use the “services (expert)” tab on the same wizard page and add:
Then you can set the type of mySystem variable in the next page of the wizard, for instance:
Click finish to save your changes, you can now open the template in MS Word to edit it.

It worked ! I guess the error message that I couldn’t cope with was eventually not blocking.

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