Copy/Paste a sequence in Scenario diagrams Problem

In a Scenario diagram, I want to copy a short sequence structure because I will reuse the same several times.
For instance, here is the original one.
I tried a Copy/Paste by right-clicking, but pasted elements appear just over the old ones and I can’t move them elsewhere.
Same behaviour trying with a REC/RPL on the same diagram.
Does anyone know how to do it?

Normally it is not allowed to copy/paste elements on a scenario. A popup should appear on CTRL+C command.
Copy/Paste from right-click has not been disabled. It should.
I will add further information on how to use REC/RPL on scenarios.
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The idea was to save time by using copy/paste on the graphical element and only changing the name.
But I created manually all the elements following your piece of advice
@Christophe Gatti : you said you will add information on REC/RPL on scenario. When do you think you will post it on the forum?
Thank you all for your answers,

About REC/RPL and scenarios. This is not something that we see often, but it can make sense in certain case.
Something thta would make sense: You could define a kind of scenario template as a whole, instantiate it and then manually set of the necessary references (elements represented by the lifelines, exchanges references by the sequence messages, etc.).
Something that would not work, for several reasons: make a REC RPL with only a few sequences messages but not the whole scenario
If you have pattern that occur regularly in your scenarios, you could consider using Scenario references. In the IFE sample model, you have an example in the “[ES] Start Playing VOD Movie” of the Logical Architecture.

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