Copy Diagram from a project to an other

I have created to projects and I want to copy one of my diagrams from project number 1 to project number 2. I don’t know if it is possible or not with Capella?
Any help please?

Hello Ouafa,
You can do it by performing a diff/merge of the 2 models, and transferring the diagram from one to the other.
In order to do so, select the aird files of both models (by holding the control key), then right click and compare with, each other as model.
This will open the diff / merge window.
Select the diagram you want to transfer, then select the yellow arrow to transfer it from one model to the other.
You might need to transfer model elements as well (I’m not sure if transferring the diagram will automatically transfer model element as well)

Hello Aurelien,
I have issues trying to merge some diagrams between models using your solutions.
I achieve merging objects but I can’t recover the diagram associated.
Have you ever had some problems with diagrams merges?

Thank you Aurelien !

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