Copy and paste sub-items

Until wb version 1.3.0, it was possible to use Edit menu in context (rightclick) to copy and paste sub-items in design view (regions in states or features in classes). Since 1:4.x this is invalidated… Or may be there is a parameter somwhere to reset on: does someone knows it?
For me this clipboard is really powerfull to add some class variants, or states.
I was just rejected to look for a referenced value in the tree view… (where windows copy-paste works).
Thanks by advance


The contextual menu Edit > Copy / paste are replaced by the one called “Capella business copy / paste”. But as they share the same key shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, it shall be transparent in daily use.

There is an issue though, as its not possible indeed to copy a property from a class with it. (since Capella 1.3.1)

I have created an issue:

Thanks Philippe
In fact the previous menu dit not use Ctrl C/ Ctrl V, which are connected to Windows clipboard, which has always been available but not as we could use the specific Capella one: with the windows clipboard you have to go the tree view. Doing it in design view generates image issues where the pasted item will be several time in the diagram with random position. (May be it’s solved, I did not try again since 1.2.1 or may be before)