Converting a Capella Project into a Capella Library ? Tranfert éléments from a project to another one

Is there something new about converting a Capella Project into a Capella Library ?

PS: I can’t acces the link in the previous discussion.

In fact my initial goal was the need to transfert éléments from a CAPELLA project to another one. I had the idea of transfering the elements in a library with REC/RPL tool, but the REC done in the project in not accessible in the library (usually it works in the opposite direction, so the new idea is to convert the project into a library to be in the good direction).

May be there is a simple solution to transfert elements from a project to another?

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You can try the “Transfer” view to move some elements from a Project to a referenced Library.

see TransferView



To convert a Capella Project to Capella Library :

  • Open the “.project” file and replace “org.polarsys.capella.project.nature” by “org.polarsys.capella.library.nature”;

  • Open the “.melodymodeller” (before Capella 5.0) or “.capella” (since Capella 5.0) file and replace “” by “”;

Note: With a reverse approach you can convert Library to Project.


Hi, thanks for your usefull answers.
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