Connect Capability Requirement and xAB

Is there any easy way to create a diagram showing a capability and the requirements connected top it and implemented by the xAB?

Hi John,
Sorry, I am not sure I understand your question here!

Ok I’ll try to visualize what I’m after.
I’m after to show design elements and their requirements (easy done) and the how the SW requirement is derived from a product requirement (done but not overly nice looking) and how the requirement is connected to the Capability (this is what I cant get done)

It is not possible to show Capabilities in a xAB. What is your goal to display these kinds of elements in the same diagram?
If the goal it is to do an impact analysis, you can use the semantic browser or to build queries.

The goal is to visualize how the requirements point to a capability/use case and that all the requirements have a design connected to them.

In the long run I also want to connect a verification task to the requirement

Hi @JohnAndersson,

As @SMonier did say, it is not possible to display OC in XAB.
However, I do undertake what you’re trying to achieve: completeness.

Have you considered to write scripts with Python2Capella or extend Capella rules (your own rules) to verify requirements completeness?

You always have the manual checking with the semantic browser help.


I think you can use a TitleBlock attached to the Requirement and in a cell of the Title Block, use the query capella:allocatedElements

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