Configuring Capella to work in a multi-users mode


Do we have guidelines for configuring Capella to work in a multi-users mode? e.g. different disciplines collaborate in the model development.

I have searched on the web but couldn’t find anything relevant.

Thank you.

Hello Khammoutene,
On this topic, I think there is an add-on (TeamforCapella) for collaborative work.

Check this link for more information : MBSE Tool - Team for Capella - Obeo - Obeo

Good day.

Hi @khammoutene

As, @Meziane says, Teams For Capella allows multiple users to work in one model but this is only one part of enabling different teams to work together.

Use of libraries allows different teams to define their architectures and the combined system be bought together in a single model. Use of branch/merge tools such as GIT are also key enablers to managing configuration. Can you explain a little more about what you were looking for?

Thank you @Meziane ; that’s exactly what I was looking for.