Conditional statement modeling/robot car

Hi everyone.
I’m modeling some system functions on the system analysis. The system is a robot car that is able to transport heavy loads.
I’m having some troubles for modeling some situations.
The car is capable to accelerate, steer wheels, change its height, change its width and others.
I’m modeling some scenarios considering obstacles into the path (curves, smalls doors, ramps…).
In my modeling there is a actor operator (human) and system(car).
Is there a way to use conditioning statements (if-else) in scenario diagrams? For example, considering a scenario of “going to catch load”.
The operator functions are “send command to accelerate” and “check if exist obstacle”. Is there a way to put a condition block with a “if there is a obstacle” then “manobrate car” (steer the wheels,change height…), else keep accelerating? I thought that I can use a “split” block for this case, but I don’t know if its the right way to do it.

Can you guys help me with this situation?


You may want to try scenario diagram, where you can add conditional fragments: alt, opt, etc.
You may want to watch this video:
Scenario diagram

I hope that answers your need,
Hélder Castro.

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