Components resize and move upon exiting Capella

Hi All,
I’m regularly encountering a problem where components move and resize on diagrams after I’ve exited Capella. I’ve attached two images (blurred to obscure company confidetial info) to demonstrate.
The file “OriginalDiagramBeforeCapellaExitBlurred.jpg” was exported from Capella after completion of the diagram. All diagrams were then saved and Capella was exited.
The file “messed up after closing capellaBlurred.jpg” was exported from the same diagram upon re-opening Capella. As can be seen, some diagram components have moved and resized.
What is causing this behaviour and how do I stop it from happening?
Thank you

I have seen such a behavior when somebody tried to generated similar diagrams by “copy and paste”, not by “Clone Diagram”.
There were some improvements made in Capella 1.3.1 for “copy and paste” (see 1) - perhaps you can migrate your model to 1.3.1 and try again…?

Hi Richard,
Thank you for the information. There was a lot of copy & paste involved in creating the diagram (albeit in the same diagram). I’ve since updated Capella to 1.3.1 and migrated the model. I’ve edited the original diagrams, but these still revert back upon closing Capella. It seems that new diagrams created in 1.3.1 are stable.
Thanks again

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