Component Provided/Required Interfaces by means of Component Ports

In the following diagrams a Client/Server communication model is shown.

Data flow in either direction through the Interface provided by the Server (Logical System) and is further delegated to an internal Servlet Component.

(Note: Model Validation requests that delegated interfaces are manually entered for the delegation port also)

CII Diagram:

LAB Diagram:


  1. Are the functional port allocations to the component ports (shown with allocation links) correct in this context? The idea is that functional port allocations to a Component port are always towards functional ports internal to the component regardless of data flow direction.
  2. After allocating (Provided/Required) Interfaces to Component Ports is it necessary or maybe redundant to explicitly allocate Functional Exchanges/Exchange Items to Component Exchanges also ? Model Validation does not complain if we don’t.

Any relevant comments beyond the stated questions are highly welcome.

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