Compliancy definitions

Hi all,
i’m new user of Capella.
In my model i use the REC/RPL with the library.
When i make instantiating the RPL, i have a choice between BLACK_BOX, CONSTRAINT_REUSE and INHERITANCY_REUSE
What is the difference between all this?

These are concepts that are not yet used in Capella, but will be at some point.
The idea is to say that the compliance relationship between a RPL and a REC might be different:
Black box would mean strict identity
Inheritance would mean RPL contains all the REC elements, but can be enriched with ports, functions, etc.
Constrained reuse would be for example the case where no ports can be added on components, but functions can be.
Different validation rules would be checked in each case.
Today however, only black box compliance is checked.