Combining Physical Links

Hello, is it possible to combine physical links? Let us say, for example, I have a water reservoir that is providing water to two tanks and this is done via the same duct. Currently, I have to model two separate physical links which feels a bit incorrect because when it comes to be including documentation about my duct (e.g. adding information into the description box) then I have two separate components. Is there a way to link one physical link to multiple locations. I have found a way to make it so that multiple physical links (and, any exchange) can be created from the same port however this is two physical links that are overlapped on each other. The photo attached shows my example and I have highlighted that there are two physical links

Maybe you can use Physical Paths for this purpose? Physical Paths are a set of Physical Links that convey Component Exchanges. By documenting the Physical Path you may reference the physical links that are involved in it and the component exchanges that are allocated into it.
But if your water duct is a relevant element of your architecture, I would rather define it explicitly and document it, as in the image below. I would use Physical Paths to indicate the path followed by the water from reservoir to water tanks 1 and 2.
Hope it helps.