Classes contents and semantic links


It seems to me to be new, but may be I missed something:
In a class you may have

-some properties that refer each to any kind of data: collection; class or detail signal (boolean/enumeration/numeric/Physical Quantity/string)
-Some operations that may use some parameters which are typed by some detail signal
-Some reference value. This last one does not appear in semantic browser, you can’t get them by scripting exports in Capella… you only can seem in mass view.

Discrete scenario need specific values to progress: these values then type the element contained in the exchange item, directly or through a class owning it. These values refer to literals, and these literals are typed by detail signals. I don’t understand how to ensure this chain is complete.
Or I revise completely my model use only signals in EI, and use constraints to describe events… inwhich I will never recover used values…
Thanks for any idea


Could you “illustrate” your question with some screenshots maybe?

Are these ID’s by any chance?

Hope another user could bring you a better response.

The situation is:
You create an EI describing a specific value as event that initiate or make your scenario progress: let say a current = 0A.
This EI has an element typed by:
-Solution A: a physical quantity called Current, then the EIE is called Current=0
Solution B: a class because you need to mention the complete energy picture. So the class contains the reference No Current, refering to the literal of Current and a reference value Domestic voltage refering to literal value of voltage 220V.
None of the reference values are visible and my class looks empty, as there is no property.
The only other option I see is create constraint to claim there the current and the voltage to be set at listed values, and continue to use signals everywhere. To me scenarios are more difficult to read, and constraints loos so many time their reference… Half check time is recovering dangling references you have in constraints and guards.

The full picture I would have liked to build is values are types by signals, many of them have several instances in the system, so ensure that instance name refer to instance list (left/right/upper/lower/blue/red…).