Change Name in Black-Box RPL

I am curious if there is a recommended/most effective way to rename RPL elements while still conforming to the other BlackBox rules.
In a physical architecture that I am building out, I have a number of different replicas that I have generated from a REC. What I would like to do is rename each one according to a naming convention to identify the elements as pieces in the bigger system.
I am designing a keyboard, have done the detailed work on how one particular key works physically (the latches, button, size, etc). Now I would like to duplicate this key following the black-box rules - all the keys should function the same way - but I would like to rename each of the keys according to the value their use is to be interpreted as “A”,“B”,“C”, and display
this value on a PAB diagram.
Any ideas how to best accomplish this?

Hi Brandon,
If I understand you correctly, you want to change a name on an RPL model element and this change does not affect the compliance with the REC. To do so, all you have to do is, when you create your RPL and have the creation wizard opened, to select this model element, and to “Set the Element as having to be renamed at Instantiation”. That will add a [+ SUFFIX] label to your element indicating that a name change won’t break compliance.
For more info on exactly how to do this, you can have a look at the embedded help in Capella guide / user manual / Replicable Elements / Basic REC-RPC use case.
If you’ve already created your REC, I think you can still modify it to add this “suffix tag”. Browse to your REC on the Capella project explorer, select the link that links to the element you want to suffix, and in the property view, you can hit the “suffixed” option.
All the best,

Thanks Stephane!
This is for sure a way to append a different suffix to the given name of the REC elements, and I have been leveraging this thus far.
The limitations I am running into are:

  1. For a REC containing multiple elements (either in a a hierarchy or otherwise), the Suffix is the same for all of the elements (there isnt a way I have seen to modify the individual suffixes of the elements of a RPL)
  2. The name of the original objects has to be maintained and only appended to
    This is a small inconvenience, and I wasn’t sure if there was a better way to go about this…

Hi Brandon,
I see.
A couple of ideas:

  • first, have a look at the Capella 1.3.1 release note, there are a few things related to REC/RPL and suffixes in it:
  • on (2), I guess you could put an empty name to the original object…
  • on (1), I wonder if you could achieve this by using REC/RPL composition, you can have a look at the documentation for “Management of Composition of REC-RPL”
    These are just ideas, I am certainly not a REC/RPL expert…

I’ll take a look at your second point and see if that’ll work, thanks!
The other idea I had was maybe changing the validation rules for BLACKBOX to not check the names are equal…

Hi Brandon,
Yes I don’t personally know how to change those compliance rules, maybe somebody from the Capella dev team can help on this!

Today only the current Blackbox compliance is checked.
I guess new or variant compliance rules may be developed, but it is not currently possible to “tune” the existing compliance rules.

Hey there. I’m the blackbox compliance executive. It would not be a lot of work to allow a set of attributes to be modified. The rec would specify these attributes e.g. via a string property value. If we create a bugzilla for this, I can sketch this out quickly.

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