Change Icon Path

I am trying to change the path of my icon that is attached to a function (or anything really). In the “Style” tab there is a property named “Icon Path” where the value is blank. I have tried putting in a complete path from my hard drive however it always just shows a red dot instead of the new image. I thought perhaps there is already a certain path that the property is already looking in, but when finding the images that Capella uses and using that folder instead, I still get the red dot instead of the target image. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the icon that is used for an object using this property in the style tab?
Kind regards,

I might be wrong but I think that the Icon Path attribute will only allow you to change the icon of the function you are selecting and not to all functions.
If it is what you want, you should:

  • create a directory in your project (e.g. img)
  • drag and drop your icon to this directory
  • change the icon path to : NameOfYourProject/img/NameOfYourIconFile
    If not, I guess Capella Studio will allow you to change the icon for all functions.
    Hope it helps

Hi Juan,
Thank you for you help, that works! Previously I was inputting the complete path e.g. C:\Users\name\Documents\images however I see now that the resource must be stored inside Capella.

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