Change colors and background of Operational Capability

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In a Operational Capability diagram… can I change the background color and/or font color of the OC letters… for the OC component? I would like to visualy distinguish, in the same OCB diagram, between two types of Operational Capabilities coming from different contexts

is this possible?


Yes, you would have to create your own set of images (2 images then, SVG ideally) and then import them into your project, go to the property view of your OC, in the Appearance tab, and change the image by clicking on the “image” icon. (named “Set Style to workspace Icon”
Stephane Lacrampe
Obeo Canada

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Funny… when I click the image icon, it opens the directory of the project but only png images show up, and only those on a “Documentation Export” folder. Adding new imgs to that folder (png) doesn’t seem to work either… they don’t show up. I wonder whats happening. I am using version 6.0.

all solved, all clear! thanks! needed to “refresh” the project so the new images would show up.

I suspect the issue is that once you have copied the images in your project, you need to go on the Project Explorer, right-click on your project, and click “Refresh”. It should work from here - the project explorer need to take into account the images you have copied from outside the environment.

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