Cascading diagram

Hi all,
Is it possible with Capella to navigate between diagrams in cascade (like Russian dolls)?

You can create diagrams starting from model elements instead of creating them from the Activity Explorer.
(in order to do this, select the model element, then right click / new and select the type of diagram to be created)
If you do so, the diagram will be linked to the model element.
You will see a small icon appear in the representation of the element in the diagrams.
You will then be able to navigate to the diagram linked to the model element by selecting the element, then right click / open and select the diagram to open
Also, since Capella 1.2.1, it is possible to create notes inside diagrams with a link toward another diagram.
Those notes are called “link note” and can be found at the very top of the palette (hidden behind the regular notes).
It can allow to navigate from diagrams to diagrams with some explanation of the link between diagrams

Thank you very much Aurélien

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