Capturing Physical Links as a group in Physical Architecture

In most cases I cannot start designing the systems in the meant order. Most cases, I take down my notes of a system on Capella, and due to me being a embedded engineer, most of the cases Physical Architecture is the subject. I model to spot discrepancies and blind spots.

The system that I work on has specialized connectors inbetween modules, but the signals running in the connector are physical connections of specified protocols, such as Ethernet, CAN, SPI, et cetera. Some of those are numerous enough to be onerous. (:

I am wondering whether I should have those in Physical Architecture as individual buses, or one combined custom connector? This custom connector is a global standard, so there is no way not to capture that in the system.

(My background is on electrical engineering, just recently getting accustomed to the systems engineering concepts. Therefore most of my problems are on HOW to model something native to Capella, therefore answers are likely to be opinions )

Physical Links are often used to represent the cables connecting equipment, along with their connectors. In your case, having 3 cables or 1 cable conveying all signals is an architectural decision.
Signals being conveyed by Physical Links are mostly represented through Functional Exchanges being conveyed by Component Exchanges being conveyed by Physical Links. You can use these concepts to better handle the many signals going from/to your units.
Hope it helps


Quick question then:
How would you handle a “harness” of multiple cables? Like in planes and vehicles you would have groups of cables running between modules.

I understand that the answer is contextual, but still, maybe there is a native way to handle them.

In cases where you have a high number of cables and where it is relevant for you to identify each one of them and how they would be physically grouped, indeed it could be useful to have a grouping feature. It is not implemented, but it would be a nice extension. Don’t hesitate to contribute and share it to the community!

If it helps, you can create a Category to group several PLinks.
And then show either the individual PLs or the Category on a diagram.


This just dawned upon me! Then I searched for it and found this forum question, by old me. This is perfect.

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