Capella ValidationRules (Default)

Hello does anyone know which standard validation rules are set in Capella and are they documented somewhere. Which rules are set by default and what is validated? B.R. HUP_71


You can find the Capella validation rules when you open a Capella client and then menu: Window → Preference.
You will find all the available Capella rules, description and which ones are set as default.
Attached a snapshot of an example.

I hope that helps,
Hélder Castro

Hello Helder, is this the default setting you show on the picture?

It should be, but if you want to make sure the default setting you can always “restore defaults”.

When i restore defaults it looks like this :slight_smile:


I will advise to uncheck some of them accordingly and more appropriately to your model development status to avoid “false” warnings. For example, when you have specified a Operational Capability (OC), but you haven’t started the system analysis. If you run a “Validation model” you will get a warning OC has not been realized.

I hope that helps.