Capella Traceability Options

Hello, is there any way to establish or simply observe custom traceability between elements of the same layer more than the traceability automatically created (behind, not visible) by Capella?

For example, I would like to have in a matrix the traceability between System Capabilities and System Functions. Is this possible?

I would like to see this traceability directly without the need of opening a scenario diagram describing this capability and see what functions and interactions appear in it.

And this possibility would also exist between elements of different layers (not between realized elements but for example a Physical Function with a Logical Component).

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Hi @DavidSanchezGonzalez

If you turn off all filters from the project explorer you will see that there are many semantic relationships that Capella creates even if not directly visible on diagrams. These are still visible via the semantic browser, property window and project explorer.

For example, functions are linked to capabilities via “Capability Involvements”.


I am also interested in having an explicit traceability matrix for Capabilities to their “involved” Functions / Functional Chains. It would be valuable to have a traceability matrix for basically every arrow in this diagram.

I suppose this could be done relatively easily with Python4Capella.

We have created additional Tracebility viewpoint that adds

  • tracebility diagram that show all this links graphically
  • a lot of tracebility tables that show all this element links
    We also added intellectual keyboard command that creates
    all this links for selected elements. It’s very helpfull and
    make link creating much more productive.
    It’s something as F6 command but really works.

@dsryzhov what add-on or Capella versions have this Traceability Viewpoint feature?

No this not official Add-on \ feature. It’s self made and not open sourced yet because it’s on the process of development. I will make some screenchots of representations provided.

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Some examples of table view with tracebility information

Next tables shows view with functions\FE\ports realizations on the next levels (LA, PA)

Elements can be filtered
Next table shows only functions realization (without ports and FE)

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Another view show function allocation to behaviour components and nodes

View from opposite direction shows
for nodes deployed componens and allocated functions

There is also tracebility diagram that shows all this links between elements