Capella + SVN

I am trying to use SVN with Capella.

  • Capella 1.3.1
  • SVN Team Provider 4.0.5.l20170425-1700
  • SVN Connector: SVNKit 1.8.14 r10627
    I used the steps in this forum post and it tracks my SVN repository correctly; ability to commit, showing history of model, etc in Capella.
    However, when I select two revisions to compare against each other, I get an error from EMF Diff/Merge saying that it cannot open left/right model (screenshot attached).
    I have tried the same functionality with a git repository and it works fine. Any ideas as to what might be wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

Sorry this isn’t much help, but we were using SVN prior to Capella v1.3.x. However, after updating I found I could no longer get the SVNKit to work with the latest version (ie no longer able to install the connector without getting a error). My searches on the internet seemed to indicate SVN support was no longer active and thus would not keep up with the development path for Capella and it’s Eclipse underpinnings. That was about 6 months ago, so maybe something has changed?

Hi Scott,
What I can say is that Capella users tend to use git. The Git plugin will be directly embedded within the next Capella version (see But I have no clue whether it still works with svn.

Hi Stephane,
We moved away from a tools-based version/change management approach once SVN functionality was lost. However, I don’t miss it since even SVN was more complicated than our actual needs to keep track of model baselines (of course Team4Capella was more aligned with our daily needs). I also understood that Git was the more modern approach, and we may revisit once it’s integrated into Capella as a plugin.