Capella Studio export and Capella version compatibility issue

Hello, I am using Capella studio 1.4.0 (Kitalpha 1.4.0) in order to export a plugin that I developped for Capella.

My problem is that my exported plugin works only on a few version of Capella…
It works fine on Capella 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 but not on other versions.

Where does this problem come from and how to fix that compatibility issue ?

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It also works for versions 1.4.2, V5.0.0 & V5.1.0 of Capella

But does not work on versions V1.3.1, V1.3.2 & V1.3.3

Is there a way to make it functionnal on all versions ?


You state that it “does not work”, do you have some additional information to share about that ? An error message maybe, a log ?
Maybe you can have a look at the Capella 1.4.0 release notes to see if you may be impacted by a metamodel or an API change ?