Capella Studio 6 and higher are (not free)? --> Java 11+ is not unfortunately

I just realized that java version lower or equal to 1.8 are free, therefore capella version using 1.8 and lower ARE free (capella 5 or lower).

Now for Capella studio 6+ , 1.8 is no longer enough, you need java 11 or above. Otherwise CS would not start.

Except, JAVA 11+ is not free for companies I think?
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Has anyone been able to make Capella Studio 6 work with Open Java as a workaround?

You can use JDK 19 commercially (see this), and it is available here.
Just extract the files somewhere (like Capella6.0/jdk19/) and add the /jdk19/bin/ folder to PATH.

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Interesting, I don’t really have admin tools to change the PATH in some environements, Gotta check that with admins , one sentence i just read from that thread:

I will try to investigate more.

@KaBe I think you might be able to run it by changing only your User’s PATH, not System’s. That way you won’t need elevation.

I have not checked if Capella 6.0 is bundled with Java, but if you think of Capella Studio as a development environment then it makes sense to install the JDK.

I can confirm Capella is built differently than Capella Studio, Capella 6 works in my 1.8 java environement, whereas Capella Studio does not!
I have 2 type of environements, in one of them I don’t even have access to the local path (really), so in best cases I will be able to make it work only half of the time.
Anyway, This does not incite me to move from capella 5 to 6 at all. Maybe I could use some of the workarounds you shared after investigating some potential solutions.