Capella slowing down

Hello to All. I have this issue with Capella 5.2 where it is very responsive when I start it up and gradually slows down as I work on my model. At a point (after 3 to 4 hours), any action, like moving the location of a port on a diagram, can take between 30% to 100% of the computer CPU and up to 15 seconds per action. If I close Capella and restart it, it becomes fluid again. I have this same behavior with the same model on different computers. Has anyone faced the same situation? If so, is there a known solution for this condition? I searched the forum before posting this message, but couldn’t find anything that seems to address this. Thanks in advance for your help.


sounds like a memory leak - what version are you using?

The following version:
Version: 5.2.0
Build id: 202111301257

Hum, odd, this version is pretty stable. What OS are you using? Do you have installed any add-on like PVMT of Filtering?

I have Windows 10 on one computer and 11 on another. Yes add-ons were installed. The ones I remember are:
Capella Requirements
System to subsystem transition

So I suspect one of them is responsible for your problem, ie creating a memory or handle leak and eventually slowing down your env. I would:

  • build a Capella bundle from scratch installing only the add-on you need (probably staying with Capella 5.2 to keep it not too complex in term of migration)
  • detach from your model existing add-ons that may have been attached/used so that your model can be opened in your new bundle

I would consider the PVMT and the Filtering add-on as suspects (but not sure).

The other way to narrow down the problem would be for us to access your environment and analyze it with a dedicated tool for finding these kind of issues, but this would involve some costs.


Thanks Stéphane. I’ll give this a try. It may take a few days before I come back with some feedback.

@StephaneLacrampe As a new Java/Eclipse developer, I’m really interested to know in what cases a memory leak can occur, as Java has a garbage collector. There is the swt dispose() function, but I thought Eclipse would dispose the shell/window anyway when it closed.

Hello Stéphane. Finally it took much less time than I thought to resolve the issue. I just unreferenced Filtering from my model. Didn’t even need to restart capella. Everything is fluid now, and the computer (fan noise) is much quieter. Thanks !

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Well, I am not an expert, but generally issues can indeed arise when Eclipse integrate external libraries - the SWT one is an example, if someone forgets to dispose a widget, then start the leaks… And there are other external components that eclipse/Capella uses that can embed their own leaks…

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