Capella model using a library based on another library


I am trying to use a library that contains another library in a Capella model. Problem occurs when, after opening the main library (the one that contains the other one, the one that contains the info for Capella model) in the Capella model, I have to manage this main library to used its RECs in the Capella model. The mark to select the library is unavailable (it is in grey color and imposible to select). For example:

  1. I create a library (library 1) with functions and I do a REC with some of its functions.
  2. After, I create a new library (library 2) that contains the library 1 since I used its REC to create a RPL in library 2. Later, I include new functions and I do a REC in library 2 (based on the RPL + new functions).
  3. After creating the capella model and opening the library 2, I try to manage the library 2 to use its REC in the model but I cannot (library in this selection is like “library2.melodymodeller (library1.melodymodeller)” ).

Looking at this text in the managing library selection menu, At this point, I thought that If I opened the library 1 in the model, I would be availble to use the library 2 in the model. And it worked!
Problem is the tree view and REC/RPL menu due to it is required to open in the model all libraries instead the main one (that I guessed it might include the smaller one), they become hard to manage.

Is this the only way to face my issue? Am I doing anything wrong or anything can be improved? Is this a limitation or bug of Capella?

Libraries and model are independent files (in this case three files).

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards.

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