Capella model review checklist

Hi All,

I try to create a Capella model review checklist. Could you help me and provide some points? I considered the below items:

  • The Capella “Validate Model” check is passed with no errors and any warning has to be justified
  • All items are consistently named and modeled

Could you think about anything else?
Where I could find some guide for the Capella “Validate Model” checker to better understand the error/warning codes and meaning?
Is there an automatic check if all RPLs have been updated from their RECs?

A good start is to decide which validation rules are to be applied at which stage of the engineering process. For instance, if you are only collecting the needs of your stakeholders and defining the system capabilities and requirements, it would be useless to validate anything related to Logical or Physical Architecture perspectives.

The validation rules are described in the Preferences menu in Capella. Although some of the descriptions could be more explicit.

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