Capella Metamodel : the use of the class "Part"

I see then.
I’m working on the Logical Analysis and the transformation of the metamodel of this level. For this matter, I’m not sure if the class “Part” is needed to keep record of LogicalComponent and ComponentExchange link. In the XSI of a project, a part is automatically created as an “ownedFeature” typed as a “part” that reference a LogicalComponent. I’m tempted to say that this information can be discarded, as ownedLogicalComponent and ownedCompoentExchanged are referenced. is it correct?
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Technically if you only need to extract information about Components and Component Exchanges connection, you don’t necessarily need the Parts. The Parts only become important when you have activated the option in Capella to type multiple Parts with the same Component, which is not the default configuration.