Capella Library (REC and REP)

I have another kind of problem with Library:
I would like to define library elements from Operational Analysis and reuse it in a project in the same level but when I want to create a RPL from a REC I have the following error message : Some elements need to be stored in the model .
If I do the same from System analysis it’s working.
What can I do ?

Hello Alex,
you’re problem is linked to the fact that the tool does not know where to store some of the elements of your RPL in the various packages of the model. You have two windows in the RPL instantiation HMI, on the left one, if you have a look, some elements are highlighted in green that means that the tool knows where it will be stored, some are highlighted in yellow => for those ones you need to precise the destination package (thanks to drag and drop between both windows). Be careful it could be linked to the fact that the elements already exist or others situations to be further analyzed.

Hi Laetitia,
ok : yes it’s working now
Did you know why it’s automatically done on the other levels and for Operational we should specify the location ?
Thanks Alex

Hi Alex,
it is not linked to operational analysis level but to your REC content. You also could have this behaviour on other levels, it is the case for instance when element already exists or linked element is missing (for ex a port without its part) => you need to confirm or precise where it should be stored for its instantiation.

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