Capella Integration

Hi guys,
can anyone explain?

1-How well can the Capella/ARCADIA model be integrated with specialty engineering models? (CAD, PNID, Project Management, Document Management)

2-How often is the methodology “interrupted”? (by external processes and/or non-integrated tools) how it manage the complexity?

3-Is the process self-contained? (are in-/outputs to all steps connected, consistency)

4-For what engineering purpose is the ARCADIA suited(innovation, improved List products, refactoring, reverse engineering,…)?

5- How well does the model scale? (suitable for large projects, “grows” with time without becoming cumbersome, does it require partitionaing e.g. in a tree)

6- How well ARCADIA defines the real-world semantics of the engineering, are elements strictly typed, is their meaning unambiguous, do they have a defined purpose etc.)

7-To what level is the creation of experts’ perspectives automated? (can views be defined on the model or do they require manual re-work)

8-How well does the tool help to minimise work that isn’t creating any value? (low admin, auto versioning and back-up)


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