Capella Fails to Start

On Windows 10 I have experienced problems starting up Capella. After selecting the workspace there is an error message: “Failed to start, see log file …”.
Posting a solution here since Googling didn’t turn up much when I first started searching.
This appears to be due to dependency on Java 1.8.
If you are running a modern version of Java, then you will need to edit the ecplise.ini file to point the Java 1.8 JRE/JDK.
Add the following lines at the top:
(replace with your own JRE/JDK path.
This seems to work.
it’d be nice if the Capella team could support a more recent Java version… this is going to be barrier to adopting Capella broadly since Java 1.8 is now deprecated and hard to find a download for…

What error messages were in the log file?

Thank you Simon.
The Capella 5.0 version planned for end 2020 should be based on Java 11 or Java 13.

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