Capella - Experience with exchange of data

Hi all,
not sure if this is the correct forum. We already use Capella in-house on one of our internal projects and people are generally happy with the tool.
We have a new Project involving a number of different companies.
My question is more higher level. I am more involved with Project Infrastructure (networks, tools, software) and looking more at the data exchange between companies and how can we ensure and maintain compatibility. This Project data could be Software source code, test scripts, modelling etc.
My question is if anybody has any experience from the Capella point of view of such data exchange across platforms/companies and perhaps any pitfalls or incompatibilities or perhaps advice how to avoid them. Purely as an example I have worked on other projects where a Partner company couldn’t update certain tools/products to a newer version because of wider project restrictions. This inturn restricted other partner companies and affected data exchange. Having read the forum one thing that may be an issue could be inhouse developed Capella add-ons that may not run with other versions.
Sorry for the long-winded question. Any guidance/info most welcome

Hi Billie,

That’s indeed an interesting but tricky topic. I’m not pretending to have THE definitive answer but it could be interesting to set up a meeting and exchange. I could share my experience and insights from different projects.
Feel free to propose some dates by private message.